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Family Hahn and Sturm
from Rheinland-Pfalz and Saxony-Anhalt

Elise Sturm

(born Oberhack)

1.9.1882 – 1963




Hans-Georg Sturm
6.7.1922 – 12.13.1983




Aunt Lilo, uncle Reinhold, mother,
father, cousin Rainer und myself




My father’s cousin

The photo of grandma Elise was taken in 1953 in Warsleben. At that time she was 71 years old. My grandmother was born in Wackersleben near Oschersleben. Her mother was Emilie Oberhack born Löhr and her father’s name was Heinrich Oberhack. For whatever reasons her parents didn’t live together at the time of her birth in 1882. Her mother lived in Wackersleben and her father in Hamersleben.


Grandma Elise married on 26. December 1918 my grandpa who was not the youngest anymore. Before my grandma married she had been a deaconess. For whatever reasons she left this convent and married my grandfather shortly after WWI. She kept on working in the social field as a district nurse in Warsleben and Ausleben. My grandma died in 1963 in a hospital in the proximity of Warsleben.


My grandpa Andreas Friedrich Hermann Sturm was born on 30. Dezember 1864 in Warsleben where he also died on 4. February 1947. I was told that he had been an impressive man, and I personally find it quite strange that he married so late and shortly after WWI unless there had been some imposed restrictions in his life before the end of WWI. I actually come to this conclusion now. My aunt Anneliese, my father’s sister, said that he had been the best fruit-grower in town. Additionally he worked as a shoemaker. As far as I can remember, my father’s family lived very simple. As a child I had to wear shoes made in Eastern Germany. They were quite rugged as you can see from the picture of me as a toddler. I don’t have a picture of my grandpa, but my mother has.


My father visited his mother in Warsleben as long as he was able and I had the pleasure to accompany him. I like to visit this area today just like I did when we visited his mother. My memories of Warsleben are still quite vivid.


My father Hans-Georg Andreas Sturm was born in Warsleben. His vocational training was in model aeroplane design, and he learned his profession from 1938-1941 at the AGO aircraft factory in Oschersleben. After the war he was a prisoner of war in France and after his release he stayed in France for a while because there he found employment. Nobody in Germany was building airplanes at that time. In Paris he met my mother in 1948/1949. My father died of bladder cancer shortly after early retirement in Arenberg.


My father had a brother and a sister. Both are deceased now and they lived in Western Germany, too. Uncle Reinhold lived in Westphalia (Duisburg and/or Krefeld) and aunt Anneliese in Freudenstadt and Menden. Uncle Reinhold had one son Rainer, and aunt Anneliese one daughter Annegret. I’m in contact with my cousin Annegret. Presently she lives in Hemers. I don’t have any information on my cousin Rainer and his family. Neither my family nor Annegret have information on him or contact to him, which I think is quite strange. I have heard that my sister Gabriele who suddenly died just like my father of cancer, tried to get in contact with him, but I was told that he wasn’t interested in any contact. Now my sister is gone, and I don’t have any further information about him and my uncle.


I know that there is important information to my family that I’m missing at the moment, and I need all the help I can get to gather information. As you can see from the data sheet, my information about my father is very limited. One of my father’s friends was Heinz Northe who had also worked at the AGO aeroplane company; he immigrated after the war to Australia.


One of a female cousin from my father lived in the 1950’s in Köln. But that is all what I know at this moment.


The picture with my father’s cousin was taken in 1994. My oldest sister introduced me to my father’s cousin and her son in January 1994.


Update: 1.13.2007


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