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Ute Sturm


March 2007


I live in Washington State since 1988. Right now I live in Seattle. Washington State has a lot in common with Germany. Climate and geographical terrain are similar, but the climate here is much milder, which I actually enjoy.


When I was younger, I never imagined that I would live one day in America. But fate guides us in different ways. My educational and professional background is quite diverse and includes a German teaching certificate and work experiences in software localization. While contemplating about my life experiences I found out that it was my destiny to come to this place. At my arrival I was married. Now, I am divorced and single for quite some time. But I wouldnít mind meeting someone special who enjoys being in a close relationship.


A few years ago I started to collect information on my family. Most of my family members live in Germany. I have extended relatives in Brazil, and maybe also here in the States. A database entry for one of my ancestorís in the Utah FamilySearch database was made after 1990 and I assume that this person might be an extended family member living here in the States.


I hope that this website will help me to collect more info on my ancestors. Family history is not only interesting, but also very iimportant. Please take a look at my web site, you may have some info that you would like to pass on to me.

Another site of mine you may want to visit is ShadowBlog where I share some of my not so common life experiences. My first non-fiction book has been published in October 2007 and is available online at the Lulu global market place. Youíll find additional info on my bookís website Invisible Cloak.



E-Mail <ute>


Iíll answer any email messages that I receive. If you donít receive an answer from me, your message got lost in the world wide web and didnít reach me. I hope youíll find a way to contact me if you have to communicate some important information.

Mission of this book is to awaken you to a concept that most likely pertains to us all.

v     Important discoveries occur when recognizing a repeating pattern.

v     This book demonstrates a repeating pattern in the lives of renowned personalities.




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